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Front range elk hunting with Mile High Outfitters October 2017
October elk hunting front range 2017
Largest bull elk ever taken with Mile High Outfitters which scores 375
Elk hunting during the rut September 2017
Large bull elk harvested September 2017
Wilderness elk hunt 2017
Archery wilderness bull elk 2017
Hunter with his 2017 bull elk harvested during a rifle hunt in the wilderness
Wilderness bull elk hunting 2017
Bull elk hunting in Idaho 2017
Bull elk taken during the rut 2017
Bull elk harvested during the rut the first week of October 2017
Rifle bull elk hunting September 2017 during a wilderness hunt
Archery bull elk hunt 2017
November 2017 bull elk harvested during the rifle wilderness hunt
2106 bull elk
Rifle bull elk hunt 2017
rifle elk hunting 2016
Spike elk harvested with a rifle 2017
elk hunt 2016
Wilderness bugle hunt 2016
Bull elk hunt 2017
elk hunt frontrange 2016
Rifle bugle hunting wilderness 2016
Rifle elk hunting 2017
elk hunting 2016
Archery bull elk 2016 during the bugle
Elk hunting 2017
Wilderness bull elk harvested during a November rifle hunt 2017
October 2017 rifle elk hunt




PO BOX 1189



Wilderness elk hunt 2014
Guided horseback elk hunt Idaho
Long time hunter with his bull elk
Cow elk hunt
Rifle elk hunting with Big Creek Outfitters
Rifle elk hunting 2015
Young bull elk harvested in 2015
Mature six point bull elk harvested on a guided hunt
Wilderness horseback elk hunting
Unit 26 elk hunting in Idaho
Horses grazing in the background and hunter with his elk
Bighorn ram and a bull elk at Mile High Camp
Big Creek guided bull elk hunting
Seven point bull elk 2014
Late rifle elk hunting
elk hunting with Mile High Outfitters
Packing out an elk with the mules
Raghorn bull harvested with Mile High Outfitters
Bull elk with horses tied nearby
Father and son with a bull elk
Bull elk infront of Middle Fork Aviations airplane
Guided rifle elk hunts
River of No Return elk hunting
Hunter and his 2013 bull elk
Spike bull harvested on a rifle wilderness hunt
Horseback elk hunt
Hunting elk with guide Travis Bullock
Long range shooting with Mile High Outfitters
Elk hunting out of Mile High camp
Wilderness bugle hunts
Big Creek guided bugle hunting
Combination guided hunt 2012
Six point bull elk harvested by Mile High hunter
Seven point bull elk harvested with Mile High Outfitters
Father son elk hunting
Archery bull elk 2014
Horseback rifle hunts with Travis Bullock
October elk hunting with Travis Bullock
Hunting elk in the rut on Big Creek with Mile High Outfitters
September rifle elk hunt
Guide with hunter's six point bull elk
seven by six bull elk harvested with Mile High
November guided elk hunting
Hunting in the 2000 burns of Idaho
Wilderness elk hunt 2015
bull elk hunt 2014
Hunters with a six point bull elk 2014
Rifle bull elk in the Frank Church Wilderness
Rifle bull elk
Massive deformed bull elk
Combination November deer & elk hunts
Hunting in the Frank Church Wilderness with Mile High
Hunters with their bulls at Cabin Creek airstrip
Elk hunting in central Idaho
Combination elk/deer hunt in the wilderness 2014
Small bull elk harvested by hunter
Husband and wife hunting with Mile High
Hunting in the Frank
Elk hunt in the rut
Spike elk hunting
Fly in wilderness elk & mule deer hunts
Wilderness rifle bugle hunt 2015
Rifle November bull elk hunt 2015
Wilderness bull elk 2014
Guided elk hunt
Rifle hunt with Mile High
Hunting bugling elk in the rut on Big Creek
Father & son with raghorn bull
Elk hunting with guide Travis Bullock
Travis Bullock guided this bull elk
Hunting elk in a snowstorm with Mile High Outfitters
Hunter holding his 2016 bull elk
Rifle elk hunting 2016
hunter with his spike bull 2014
Six point bull held by Travis Bullock
Horseback rifle elk hunt
Father son hunting trip 2012
six point bull harvested on a frontrange hunt
Wilderness elk hunting with Mile High Outfitters
Six point bull elk
Cow elk
Raghorn bull harvested with Travis Bullock
Guided elk hunts in the Frank Church Wilderness
Bull elk harvested in unit 26
Big Creek Outfitters guided elk hunts
Hunting elk in the rut in Idaho
Guided bugle hunt
Four bull elk harvested by Mile High Outfitters
Guide and hunter with a raghorn bull elk
Hunter with his spike elk
Hunter at camp with his bull elk and buck
Big Creek outfitter elk hunts
Spike elk harvested during a wilderness rifle hunt 2017
Bull elk harvested on a combination hunt
Hunting bull elk 2012
Wilderness bull elk 2012
Hunting bugling elk with a rifle
September rifle elk hunting
Rifle elk hunting 2016
Frontrange bull elk hunt 2016
Guided elk hunt 2014
Elk hunting in the wilderness for bulls
Hunting elk in the rut on Big Creek
Spike bull elk 2014
Hunting elk in the rut on Big Creek with guide Travis Bullock
Outfitted elk hunt
Mile High guides and hutner with an elk
Bugling elk with Mile High
Long time hunter with his bull elk
Guide and Travis Bullock with hunter's six point bull
Rifle elk hunt in unit 26
Cabin Creek guided hunts
Handicaped hunter hunting with Mile High
Big Creek Outfitters hunting in the Frank
Big Creek guided rifle bugle hunting